Friday, November 18, 2016

How Can I Capture Screenshot Of My Apple iMac?

You might have thought that capturing the screenshot of your new iMac is hard. That's because you don't know how to do it. You will realize it's so simple after reading this guide from me.

Actually, this isn't a guide. It's just a short tutorial that will help you to learn further about your Mac computer. Also, it will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to capture a Mac screenshot.

Basically, if you want to capture a screenshot of your iMac (or any other Mac machines), you can press three keys below:

Command + Shift + 3

However, this key is a general function and will capture a whole screen instead of a specific part you want.

How can you select any part and take the screenshot of it?

Not to worry. You can easily do that by pressing three keystrokes below:

Command + Shift + 4

What will happen when I press those keys?

There would be a selection box that will appear on your Mac screen. You need to press and hold the left button of your mouse, move it to choose the part you want. Then release the mouse button and the screenshot will automatically be taken.

Where can I find the taken screenshot?

By default, all taken screenshots will automatically be stored on your iMac desktop. If you don't want to keep them in this location, you can easily change it to another place, with a simple Terminal command.

Is there anything else I should know?

You can also use this keystroke to capture a screenshot of a particular application window:

Command + Shift + 4 + Space

After pressing those keys, you will be able to choose any opening applications and then capture the screenshot of it. The taken screenshot will also be saved to the same location as I mentioned above, except you have changed.

To find out further regarding how to take screenshots on your new iMac, read this guide from

Is there any application I can use to capture screenshots, instead of using keyboard shortcuts?

Of course! There are many applications you can use to replace keystrokes in order to capture screenshots of your iMac. Just do a quick search on Google, and you will find many results.

However, I would recommend you two primary Mac applications that you can use to replace Mac keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots. That are Grab and Preview. Both are built-in applications that are existing on your iMac computer. You can use Spotlight and launch them to use, very quick.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

10 Best Free Software to Create Bootable USB for Windows

Making bootable USB blaze drive utilizing Command Prompt is one of the most straightforward procedures. However, in the event that you are not a PC master and need to make bootable USB to introduce Windows working framework then making bootable USB drive utilizing bootable USB inventor programming is a very supportive choice for you. 

Ordinarily at whatever point we introduce Windows Operating System on any PC, we take after two normal ways. The primary technique is to situated up Windows establishment documents straightforwardly or utilize a DVD (Burn the ISO) to boot and after that introduce it. Be that as it may, hold up there is another technique accessible for introducing Windows on various PC with the assistance of Bootable USB Drive. Not at all like DVD drives, bootable USB drives bolsters a wide range of desktop and portable PCs and it is the most solid and innocuous technique to introduce Windows through USB drive.

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There are a lot of freeware apparatuses accessible for making the bootable USB drive. Today we will cover all of them for your assistance. The best thing with these bootable USB maker devices, it underpins Windows 10 establishment moreover. All in all, would you say you are prepared to investigate? 

Before making the plunge the clarification of mainstream bootable USB maker programming to make bootable USB for Windows PC, we should take a gander at a portion of the fundamental focal points of utilizing bootable USB drive to introduce Windows working framework on Computer: 

Very easy to make, delete and reuse 

Can introduce numerous OS on same USB at once 

Speedier booting and establishment speed 

Convenient and simple to handle 

Provisional programming can be introduced by utilizing the bootable USB for testing Live Linux OS 

Setting up the Bootable USB drive is simple and straight forward and any of these 10 product can make your gadget prepared inside of minutes and couple of basic snaps 

Different approaches to make bootable USB for Windows (Software/ Command Prompt) 

All these product to make bootable USB for Windows is completely allowed to utilize and doesn't require any additional setup keeping in mind the end goal to make bootable USB drives to introduce Windows OS. 

10 Free Software to Create Bootable USB Flash Drive 

Whether you need to make bootable USB blaze drive to introduce Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 working framework on your PC, underneath recorded free bootable USB inventor apparatus will splendidly help you to make bootable USB drive inside of minutes. How about we know in insights about these mainstream and free programming to make bootable USB glimmer drive: 


Rufus is one of the speediest apparatuses to finish the procedure to make bootable USB drive. On the off chance that you would prefer not to look for part programs for each working framework, then this one is the best for you. Rufus client interface is clear and simple to use for anybody. This instrument mechanically faculties your drive letter and limit, along  these  lines you can undoubtedly perceive which gadget you are arranging.